The Medal of Honor Life

Ordinary people can do extraordinary things – on and off the battlefield. We can each embody the spirit of the Medal of Honor.
Obama placing a medal on an individual

Bravest of the Brave

Medal of Honor citations typically describe a single act of valor above and beyond the call of duty. However, recipients’ entire lives, formative experiences before their action and the subsequent years as part of that exceptional fraternity, can be illustrative in highlighting the traits that made them extraordinary. Recipients are heroes who walk among us, but their stories can be made surprisingly accessible.

Courage, Commitment, Integrity, Sacrifice, Citizenship, and Patriotism

These six values are embodied in the Medal of Honor and exemplified in the actions for which it has been awarded. They are the bedrock of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society’s Character Development Program and the call to action and excellence put to all Americans who strive to uphold the very best our nation has to offer.

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